ASUS G73JH Laptop

Absolute gaming on a notebook – it’s the next logical step, bringing the power and authority of a desktop rig to an advanced machine that’s a total package for dedicated gamers.

Games are among the most demanding applications for a PC. This means G73 has more than enough oomph to handle pretty much every other kind of usage you throw at it, should you choose to take time off gaming. It’s a notebook PC, after all – just a very powerful one.

The Gamer’s Notebook is known as the ROG G73JH. It’s a high-end, big daddy, who’s-your-mommy machine that is also supremely mobile. It comes with DirectX 11 capability, ATi Radeon HD5870 graphics, Intel Core i7 processor, on-the-fly overclocking, 8GB of DDR3 system memory and an awesome 1TB of storage space.

Asus G73JHThe ROG G73JK is a complete stunner for anyone that wants their kit to travel with them without having to compromise on performance quality. No need to load all your home servers and an extra power generator onto a trolley for a few minutes – or a few hours – of well-deserved action; you just push the ON button and the action starts with a bang.

Gamers that have to sit on planes and trains for hourse will especially appreciate what this means for their gaming future. This is the ROG… This is for YOU. –


Date: 06 Oct 2011