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The Essential IT Solutions brochure can be browsed online. Point your browser – or iPad or smartphone – to and flip through the pages at your leisure.

Our brochure is updated monthly and is packed with information about the latest computer products. The front page of the brochure always features bargain offers on the some really nice goodies, from gadgets to multimedia toys and LCD television monitors.

The geeks among us will enjoy the sections on new AMD and Intel CPUs, motherboards and graphic cards. For the rest of us who just enjoy browsing the web and print our emails or Facebook photos there is a range of generic cartridges and toners that is easy on the pocket. Go ahead, get some and print to your heart’s delight. 

You’ll notice that the price of a Kingmax 4GB Flash Drive is still R58. No, that is not a typo. We still sell 4gig flash drives for only R58, 8gig flash drives for a mere R95 and 16gig flash drives for R170. And if you need even more storage space, the 32gig flash drive is a steal at R370.

Please note that you can enlarge the brochure by clicking the 1:1 button at the top of the brochure menu bar. Click the left left button on the mouse and hold it down to move the brochure pages around.

As always, if there’s anything that you need that is not featured in the brochure please skype us at essentialstrand or call 021 853490 or, from your cell phone, 083 900 7557. Chances are that we have your desired computer product available at the shop in 89 George Street, Strand.

To view the brochure now, click on the brochure image:

Essential IT October 2011 brochure

Essential IT Solutions October 2011 Brochure

Date: 19 Oct 2011