Gigabyte PC Components and Peripherals available from us

GIGABYTE was founded in 1986 in a small lab by four young engineers passionate to make their mark on the industry. GIGABYTE remains dedicated to the core belief of improving the lives of our users by manufacturing products that are high-performing, reliable, and of excellent quality. Here are some of GIGABYTE’s innovation highlights:

  • G1-Killer Gaming Motherboard (2011): World’s most advanced weapon for elite gamers.

g1-killer series

  • USB 3.0 (2010): First motherboard manufacturer to implement the following technologies.
    • All solid Japanese Capacitors (2006): Long life and extended durability.
    • Ferrite Core Chokes and Low RDS(on) MOSFETs (2007): Lower resistance for reduced power and heat consumption.
    • Dynamic Energy Saver (2007): Save energy with unique multi-gear power phase design.
    • 2 oz copper PCB (2008): Cooler operating temperatures.
    • 24-phase Power VRM (2009): Quicker response time, lower heat, more stable power supply to the CPU.
  • GPU Gauntlet Sorting (2010): Proprietary analysis system that selects the highest quality GPUs destined for deployment on the Super Overclock Series graphics cards.

gpu gauntlet

  • Gaming Keyboard (2010): Aivia K8100 Gaming Keyboard is world’s 1st gaming keystroke keyboard with three different built-in keystroke force – 50g, 60g and 70g.
gigabyte k8100 keyboard

Gigabyte Aivia K8100 Gaming Keyboard

  • Booktop Series and Slate PC : The innovative Booktop series is designed to give users the power to turn their notebook computer into a desktop PC with an exclusive docking station. The series features many notable models, including the Booktop T1125, the world’s first 3-in-1 computer (notebook, tablet and desktop PC), and the Booktop M1405, a unique computer that has a desktop GPU built into the docking station. The 10.1” S1080, which also has its own exciting docking station, is a lightweight and high-performing multitasking slate that offers the full productivity and familiarity of a PC.
GIGABYTE LAN Optimizer: Intelligent Network Management Made Easy!

Sharing your Internet bandwidth between several applications or between multiple connected PCs/devices, can be frustrating at times, especially if you stream hi-def youtube video or download a lot. GIGABYTE LAN Optimizer allows you to manage different types of network traffic so that data streams such as HD media, web browsing or online gaming can be prioritized, taking precedence over large data downloads that tend to saturate overall network bandwidth.

GIGABYTE Touch BIOS, An Innovative New Way to Modify BIOS Settings

Navigating through the BIOS to control and change system settings can be daunting for many people who are not regular PC DIY users. With Touch BIOS™, GIGABYTE engineers have completely re-imagined how users can interact with their BIOS, allowing for a more familiar icon-based user experience. In fact, with a touch screen monitor, GIGABYTE Touch BIOS™ is as easy to use as most apps on your iPhone.

Link: Touch BIOS Utility and BIOS download

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Date: 25 Oct 2011