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Located in Shenzhen, China and established in 2002, Noontec now has 600 employees, with annual sales of RMB over 300 million Yuan, is a leading brand in the HD player industry. Noontec annually sells 1.2 million products to 36 countries and regions around the world and is a world-class HD player brand.

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Noontec history

In March 2002 Noontec was officially established.

In June 2002 Noontec launched its first 2.5-inch ultra-thin full-aluminum-body hard disk box PH 02 U.

In March 2003, Noontec launched its first 3.5-inch ultra-thin full-aluminum-body hard disk box U235.

In November 2003 Noontec began to engage in player development and was China’s earliest manufacturer engaging in player development.

In May 2004 Noontec launched the first player UT10.

In January 2005 Noontec exhibited the first hard disk player MP35 in Las Vegas, USA, and entered European and American markets in the same year.

In August 2006 Noontec monthly sold more than 10,000 players in European and American markets and became Best Buy supplier.

In July 2007 Noontec monthly sold more than 50,000 players and also became Carrefour’s player supplier in the French market.

In December 2008 Noontec became the world’s largest player manufacturer and annually sold over 1,200,000 players.

In January 2009 Noontec launched full HD player A6 with the stronger performance.

Noontec V7R&D and products

Noontec advocates advancement, standard, rigor and norms, takes innovation as fundamental, and continuously pursues excellence.

Noontec strives to provide users with excellent HD players. After years of research and development, Noontec has accumulated a wealth of experience in software, hardware and shape design of HD player and become a pioneer in the industry.

Noontec not only has R & D center but also sets up a large production base in China, and annually launches more than 30 HD player models to consumers.

Date: 10 Oct 2011