5 Mouse deals under R100

It’s a mouse. And the plural for a computer mouse is “mouse.” It’s been like that since Douglas Engelbart designed the world’s first mouse in 1963. He also developed a larger foot-operated device which he called a “rat” but that didn’t catch on. “Mouse” sounds so much cuter anyway, doesn’t it?

Over the years the computer mouse has developed from a croaky irritation to a curvy, colourful, must-have tool. Imagine a working day at the office without a mouse? After dogs, mouse are “man’s best friends.” And cheap too. We have 5 different computer mouse each for less than R100. 


Xgear MouseThe XGEAR mouse is a budget mouse but that does not mean it has budget features. This is a Ergonomic Design optical mouse with a compact shape design with natural grip that cuts down on fatigue and is comfortable to use in either hand. It features a high-definition optical sensor that is two-and-a-half times more responsive than a standard older optical mouse. The 800 dpi optical engine delivers smoother, more accurate cursor control. The tracking of this optical engine allows even faster scroll than before.

The XGEAR is a full-size optical mouse with a 1.5 metre cable.

Price: Only R48


iSonic Mouse M-2003C

This cute 3-button optical mouse offers 800DPI performance and features a blue LED light scroll. The metallic black colour hides any fingermarks, ideal for persons who have to rush between the work desk and the food desk (lol). Or for the persons who rush between the greasy work bench and the phone on the office desk.

The iSonic M Mini connects to your PC or Laptop via USB. As the “M” designation suggest, it also is an ideal laptop mouse.

Price: R49


Manhattan MH3 Mouse

The MANHATTAN MH3 Classic Optical Desktop Mouse with its 1000 dpi resolution sensor offers a reliable performance in a sturdy, practical design. Its compact size and ambidextrous shape feature a familiar three-button with scroll wheel configuration ideal for daily computing needs.

Price: R47


Manhattan Righttrack 5

The MANHATTAN RIGHTTRACK 5 comes with a lifetime warranty. It is a 5-button optical mouse with USB connection and can be used as a gaming mouse as well. It’s also real good for graphic design work where the extra buttons can be programmed to make use of extra features within art design software.

Price: R84


Manhattan Slim Mouse

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it,” the saying goes. There’s nothing wrong with being sexy. The Manhattan Slim is a sculpted, ultra sleek mouse with an accurate optical 1000 DPI sensor. The lightweight size provide easy navigation and control while the flat surfaced, ergonomic and ambidextrous design offers comfortable grip for less hand fatigue. The low-friction base smoothly glides over work surfaces.

10.8 x 5.4 x 2.5 cm
57 g (2 oz.)
USB cable 1.2 m

The Manhattan Slim has a lifetime warranty and is Windows and Mac compatible.

Special Price: R79

All these mouse are easy Plug and Play installation models and are compatibility with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

Please note that there is limited stock, so if you’d like a new mouse please call Essential IT Solutions on 027 853 4790 to give a cute mouse a new happy home today.

Date: 21 Nov 2011