Steam vs Origin

There has been allot of controversy between which online game store is better; Steam or Origin.

I use both Origin and Steam, I came to using both because of retail games (BF3 for Origin and Call of Duty for Steam)

I have decided to put together what is good and bad about both …

Origin vs Steam


The Good:

I’m going start with steam.

– Wider Selection of games
– Exclusive Games
– Steam Overlay
– Much Better Sales
– Classic Games (Because we all love them)
– Download Content is easier to obtain

And now Origin:

– Very Good Customer Service
– Easy to use
– Store and Gift Cards
– Offline Mode works well

The Bad:


– Download speeds are manipulated by Sales
– Customer service is fairly bad.
– Download screen needs some work


– Game variety
– Overlay is horrible
– Friend System is awkward to use
– and it Deletes games after two years

The Ugly:

Truth be told, I have had no issues with Steam thus far, and Origin just bugs me. In the end to each its own. Origin: for good customer service and Steam: for their DLC, game sales and the social networking aspect.

Keep in mind that both Steam and Origin are owned by gaming giant Electronic Arts. Also keep in mind that can order most of the popular games direct from us by calling 021 853 4790.

Date: 01 Nov 2011