Inno3D nVidia Geforce GTS 450

What now? … a mid range graphics card offering 128bit 1GB DDR5 … Hmmmm, That sounds interesting. What could that offer me as the customer?

The Inno3D card is factory overclocked and equipped with a massive Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo PRO cooling solution that easily keeps this the coolest of the bunch. It contributes to the card hitting roughly the same overclocks as the factory cooled cards. Our Selling Price : R1399.00.

Much like the stock and ASUS GTS 450 video card the Inno3D card offers excellent performance in this category right out of the box. While not giving up a higher clock speed, it does give one piece of mind when it comes to the heat generated by the architecture.

Overclocking the Inno3D GTS 450 is a walk in the park. Before increasing the voltage the GTS 450 is able to run at 955/1910MHz core and 1060MHz memory fully stable. Adding voltage allows the card to test past 1GHz stable with very cool operational temperatures.

A clever geek at Overclockers had this to say: “I could make a run through 3Dmark 06 at this level but not much else but when you are benching you are right on the edge anyhow. The only real concerns are that the size of the cooling solution could impact how many other add in cards you can use in your system since the cooling solution is quite large. That and the heat generated by the GF 106 GPU gets dumped into the chassis. A case with good airflow fixes this problem! The Inno3D is the clear winner when it comes to operating temperatures.”

Massive cooling solution
Great temperatures
SLI scaling
Great performance
Low noise
HDMI audio
PhysX support
3D Vison and Surround support
HD audio
Heat Dumps into the case

The final verdict? “It delivers performance right in line with its expectations and clock speeds.”

Date: 18 Nov 2011