iPad Guinness World Record

How fast can you type? How fast can you type on an iPad? The iPad itself is fast enough to handle any typing speed thanks to the Dual-Core A5 chip that processes input from the Multi-Touch screen through the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, the iOS.

So, how fast would you be able to type the alphabet on an iPad? 10 seconds? 7 seconds? The Gizmodo US team set a new Guinness World Record in…. well, have a look: 

More about the Apple iPad2:

There are 2 cameras on the iPad – one in front and one at the rear, designed for FaceTime video calling. Or just taking pictures wherever you go with this very mobile gadget.

And mobile it is indeed, weighing only 601 grams. The battery lasts 9 to 10 hours on web browsing.

What’s really impressive with the iPad is that it switches on instantly. Pick up the iPad, press the Home button and start working, browsing or playing. The flash memory allows you to access data quickly, anywhere because, of course, the iPad features a built-in 3G connection.

The iPad screen gives you 1024 x 768 resolution at 132 pixels per inch. The glossy back-lit widescreen display also has fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating.

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Date: 18 Nov 2011