Asus VW227D 21.5-inch LCD Monitor for R1099

“Big monitors are the easiest way to increase white-collar productivity,” says world-respected usability research expert Dr Jacob Nielsen. “So, as long as the bigger display increases productivity by at least 0.5%, you’ll recover the investment in less than a year.”

There is no doubt that a larger computer monitor increases the fun factor too. If you love playing those Facebook games, belt it out with Call of Duty, or simply enjoy your work, a larger, crisper monitor is just so much better to work with. And they’re not expensive: the new 21.5-inch Asus VW227D LCD monitor costs only R1 099

Asus VW227D LCD Monitor

The 16:9 wide screen features 1920×1080 resolution an is optimized for full High Definition 1080p vision. The image is pristine and offers stunning clarity. It is great for both video games and HD DVD movies playback and, of course, to work on. To boot, the eco-friendly design reduces power consumption by 30%.

The normal price of the 21.5-inch Asus VW227D LCD monitor is R1 505 but we now have a few left for only R1 099.

Come see how nice these monitors really are: 89 George Street, Strand – Ph 021 853 4790.

Date: 29 Dec 2011