Lexma M240R Wireless Mouse

Still stuck with the old mouse with cable? Time for a nice, new wireless mouse. Like the Lexma M240R wireless optical mouse for only R99.

Lexma describes the new M240R: “Fashionable & urban style, adjustable-height, safer and healthier, 2.4GHz wireless technology with non-interference in noisy environment, 2000dpi, sleep mode, auto-detection for energy-saving.” 

The 3 buttoned design is comfortable in either hand and the choice of colours are easy on the eye.

Lexma MR240 Wireless Mouse

The M240R’s superior optical sensor captures images at an outstanding 5.8 mega pixels per second, providing the best performance and tracking ability. The 2.4GHz wireless connection offers you a no-interference environment up to 10 metres operational distance.

The Lexma M240R Wireless Mouse is plug-and-play for Windows and Mac operating systems, connecting via the USB port.

Price: R99

Date: 07 Feb 2012