Raidmax Atlas

The Raidmax Atlas is one of the new range of Raidmax computer ATX cases with improved cooling design. Improved cooling enhances the functioning and longevity of the electronic components in the case.

The good-looking Raidmax Atlas – with its soft blue lit power fans – features 7 expansion slots, 2 x USB2.0 and 2 x audio inputs. The inputs are mounted at the top of the front of the case where you’ll also find the power buttons, making it easy to access.

Perhaps the best feature is the price: hard to beat at only R520

Raidmax Atlas

Raidmax Atlas side view


EXTERNAL DRIVE BAYS: 4 X 5.25″, 1 X 3.5″
SYSTEM BOARD: 10” X 12” max size ATX form factor / Micro ATX
EXPANSION SLOTS: standard ATX 7 slots
I/O PORTS: 2 X USB2.0 / 2 x audio
DIMENSIONS: 495(L) X 185(W) X 480(H)mm
COOLING FRONT: 1 X 120mm blue LED fan
COOLING SIDE: 1 x 120mm blue LED fan or 1 x 180mm blue LED fan (optional)
COOLING BACK: 1 x 120mm Black frame with Blue leaves fan

Raidmax Atlas Price: it’s a steal at only R520!

Date: 17 Feb 2012