Computer Power Supply

A computer ATX power supply unit (PSU) converts mains AC to low-voltage regulated DC power for the internal components of the computer. The ATX (Advanced Technology eXtended) switched-mode power supply is turned on and off by a signal from the motherboard.

PSUs can be damaged by power surges, corrosion or overheating. Fortunately, they are easy to replace and are fairly cheap, considering that they drive the whole computer. A 400W ATX PSU costs only R199 and a 300W ATX PSU only R150

ATX power supplies

These iSonic power supply units are kept cool by an 80mm fan. They feature 2 x SATA and ample 4-pin connectors.

If you don’t have time to fit a new power supply to your PC, bring it in and we’ll fit it for only R90: Essential IT Solutions, 89 George Street, Strand – Ph 021 853 4790.

Date: 27 Mar 2012