5-Button USB Optical Mouse with Scroll Wheel

How many buttons do you need on a mouse? Well, only 2 for basic computer needs: 1 for left click pointing and 1 for right click to get to a basic windows browser menu. 3 Buttons if you need to work more with command windows; the middle button  – utilized in some mouse by clicking down on the scroll wheel – typically opens a system-wide noncontextual menu.

The extra buttons on a mouse is to increase efficiency: you can use the Windows or Apple settings to initialize shortcuts, alt-controls, game commands and much more. And this is where the Baobab Essence 3071 Optical Mouse 5-button optical mouse perfectly comes into play. 

Ergonomically designed to comfortably fit your hand, with the extra buttons right at your thumb for instant use, and a tilt wheel right where you can easily access it, the Essence 3071 mouse is ideal for hard-working office use where you needs loads of extra commands to make use of the many shortcuts that Windows Office so conveniently allows for or… when you get home, for all those extra computer game features.

The Baobab Essence 3071 optical mouse comes with a 1,5m USB cable that connects to your PC or laptop via easy Plug-and-Play installation. Plub-and-Play means that there are no extra software you have to install – simply plug it into the USB connection and start working/playing.

How much for this very nice mouse? Only R60.

Baobab Essence 3071 optical mouse

Interesting reading on how to use those extra buttons on a 5-button mouse. That should convince you! And then come in and collect your own Baobab 3071 5-button mouse for only R60.

Date: 07 Apr 2012