Boabab 500W and 600W Extreme ATX Power Supplies

Recently we explained the role of an ATX power supply in your computer, mentioning that an ATX PSU (power supply unit) costs from as little as R150. That is the price for a 300 Watt PSU. Soon the calls came in for a computer power supply with much more oomph. Something that will drive all the powerful gadgets and add-ons in a gaming computer.

Well, then, how about a 500W or 600W ATX PSU?! Introducing the Baobab Extreme 500W and Extreme 600W PSU. Featuring the latest ATX Version 2.3 technology, they provide ample and reliable ATX power for the most demanding needs. 

The Extreme 500W comes with 4 x SATA connectors and the Extreme 600W boasts 6 x SATA and PCIe 6+2-pin connectors – together with all the other standard ATX connectors.

A 400W is also available in the Exteme PSU range, priced at only R199. The powerful Extreme 500W costs R325 while the “tractor-pulling power” of the Extreme 600W is available at R399.

Baobab Extreme PSU

To keep things cool, the Extreme 400W is equipped with a 80mm fan while the Extreme 500W and Extreme 600W gets loads of cool air through their big 120mm fans.

Date: 10 Apr 2012