Corsair ValueSelect DDR3 RAM

If you know RAM, you’ll know CORSAIR. It has a reputation of being stable and fast. Exactly what you need RAM to be, particularly for a gaming computer.

The CORSAIR ValueSelect range of memory modules are screened for reliability and carries a lifetime warranty. And as far as RAM goes, they’re quite attractive too!

The CORSAIR ValueSelect 8GB DDR3 RAM high performance module is a real good gaming investment at R710

Corsair 8GB RAM

Yes, this 8GB is also made for laptops. To find out if it will fit into your laptop, please give Essential IT Solutions a call on 021 853 4790.

Keep your RAM cool

Obviously – [why do we even ask?!] – you are running your gaming machine to the max. Then consider keeping your new Corsair RAM cool with the Corsair AirFlow 1 memory cooler. It is big enough to use for 2 memory modules. The price of the Corsair AirFlow 1 memory cooler is R269.

Corsair AirFlow RAM cooler

According to a review on the Erodov forum, CORSAIR ValueSelect RAM is “Rock stable even under insane torture. Can be overclocked to a considerable limit.”

Official CORSAIR memory site.

Date: 20 Apr 2012