Micro SD Memory Cards Promotion

What a bargain! Micro SD memory cards from as little as R55. Yes, a 4GB micro SD memory card for use in your cell phone or camera now costs only R55.

There’s more! The price of the Kingmax 8MB micro SD memory card is R70. And the price of a 16GB (16 gigabyte) micro SD memory card is R155. That’s an amazing amount of space for your photos and videos for small change. After all, what are your memories worth? An amazing amount of a lotta good things, obviously!! 

Kingmax SD Memory Cards

You can also use these SD memory cards on your PC or laptop with the use of a simple USB plug-and-play memory card adaptor to easily transfer your cell phone or camera photos/videos. We have those adaptors in stock at keen prices. Give Essential IT Solutions a quick call on 021 853 470.

Date: 05 Apr 2012