RoyQueen H3000 Ultimate USB Sound System

The RoyQueen H3000 is a cute multi-fuction speaker system with very handy features. Firstly, it is compact and attractive – an ideal complement to your PC. You can place it neatly between your keyboard and screen.

Features include an auto-search stereo FM radio, SDHC Card and U-Disk readers, easy USB connection and either USB powered or battery powered, the latter meaning that you can carry it with you to listen to your music or your favourite radio station. The price is R460

RoyQueen H3000 speaker system

Operating the RoyQueen H3000 is quick and easy though the manual menu or via a remote control. The LED displays are clear, indicating music tracks or radio station details. The remote control operates up to 5 metres away.

The RoyQueen H3000 features two independent acoustic chambers, built-in dual and dual-channel low-frequency radiation, low-power digital amplifier, and the use of proprietary “Turbo Bass (Bass King)” technology to enhance the low frequency equipment.

The system supports USB flash drives, SD cards and U-disk music player formats, thus APE, FLAC, WAV, MP3 and WMA Lossless audio. It also supports high-fidelity headphone output.

Power is via the USB connection into your computer or with a generic re-chargeable Bl-5c li-ion battery.

RoyQueen H3000 connections

Royqueen H3000 speakersRoyQueen H3000 USB Sound System:
Weight: 1050 gram
Output: 2 x 2.5W speakers
Aux In/Out: 3.5mm
Voltage: DC5V
Price: R460 

i-play (Australia) explains the RoyQueen H3000:

Date: 28 Apr 2012