AMD A8-3870K Quad Core APU

The first thing you’ll notice about the new AMD processors are that are not called a CPU (Central Processing Unit) but an APU (Accelerated Processing United). And since AMD bought Radeon it incorporated the GPU into the APU.

The AMD A8-3870K Llano Fusion Quad Core APU is based on a 32nm production process and contains four CPU cores and a DirectX 11–supporting Radeon HD 6550D GPU with 400 GPU cores. Thus, a multi-core CPU and a Radeon graphics GPU on one die. That’s a lot of features built into one chip for R1 640

If you prefer to use a stand-alone graphics card, you’ll notice that the computer will boot up with the inbuilt Radeon card and then automatically change over to your installed graphics card when Windows is fully loaded. That is, if you insist on a separate graphics card because both the processor and the GPU cores are unlocked, meaning you can overclock both to the max. The inbuilt Radeon can be jacked up to  960MHz – and the AMD APU to 3.8GHz – according to AMD… providing, in their words, you use “more aggressive cooling and fine tuning of voltages.”

AMD A8-3870K APU Boxed

AMD A8-3870K specifications:

CPU Clock Speed: 3.0GHz
CPU Cores on Die: 4 cores
DDR3 Speed: 1 866
L2 Cache: 4MB
TDP: 100W
Radeon Cores on Die: 400
GPU Clock Speed: 600MHz
DirectX Version: 11

How does the AMD A803870K compare to other CPUs? See the CPU benchmark chart.

Date: 23 May 2012