Android A5A Media Player

Do you have a lot of videos on your computer but prefer to watch them on your TV? The Measy Android A5A Media Player is made for you. Connect it to your PC easily in one of many ways: wireless, HDMi cable, with a network cable or even a RCA cable. Then connect it to your TV, grab the A5A remote, sit back and enjoy the movie.

Setting up the Android A5A Media Player for the first time takes about 5 minutes. Once set up, you can also view videos – or listen to music – that you stored on your flash drive or SD/MMC memory card because the A5A Media Player has ports to connect, well, almost anything. And for only R1 099

Measy Android A5A Media PlayerThe Android A5A Media Player is more than just a audio/video player: connect the A5A to your Internet and browse the web on your TV. Imagine you are watching a TV programme and instantly Google it for more information. That’s an amazing viewing experience!

You can also use the Android A5A Media Player without connecting it to your computer because this clever set top box has a 2GB flash memory (and those USB ports) built in, meaning you can watch videos, play games, listen to music or surf the Internet directly on your TV.

As the name suggests, the Android A5A Media Player runs on the Android operating system. And, yes, that means you can download apps directly from the Android store.

Android A5A MP HD

Android A5A Media Player Features:

  •          1.2GHZ Cortex Processor
  •          512MB RAM
  •          2GB NAND Flash Memory internal storage
  •          Smart Android Hub on Android 2.3 OS
  •          Adobe flash 10.3, HTML5
  •          Internal 802.11n Wifi
  •          Connects to Google android market
  •          Support USB Web Camera
  •          Internal menu via remote control
  •          Internat TV BOX
  •          Word/ Excel/ PPT file support
  •          MKV, H.264 Player
  •          Works with USB QWERTY keyboard and USB mouse
Android A5A MP Ports

Price: R1 099. Read more about the Measy Android A5A Media Player at Measy.

Date: 04 May 2012