Microsoft Surface Tablet PC

The new Microsoft tablet PC called “Surface” has the computer world abuzz. The Surface looks great but how will it compare to the iPad and the host of other Android operated tablet PCs? And how much will it cost?

We do not know all of those answers yet but what we do know is that the 2 Surface versions will run on slim versions of the new Windows 8 and Windows 8 Professional operating systems.

The Surface for Windows RT is powered by an nVidia chip and the Surface for Windows Pro runs off the Ultrabook-grade Ivy Bridge processors. 

Microsoft Surface Tablet PC

The most talked about feature, perhaps, of the Surface is the ultra thin integrated multitouch keyboard which also doubles as the screen cover. Apparently it feels great. It certainly looks good.

The Verge covered the Microsoft Surface release and reported with this video:

Once the Windows Surface tablet PC hits our shores we’ll gladly give you a full report.

Date: 20 Jun 2012