Asus Zenbook UV32VD Ultrabook

Inspiring Innovation – Persistent Perfection. That is how Asus designers call their range of ultra-thin Zenbook notebooks. How thin? The Zenbook UV32VD is 18mm at the back and only 5,5mm at the front!

Asus coined these ultra-thin laptops Ultrabooks. They look fantastic in their hairline spun metal finish with tranquil concentric circles. The finely crafted aluminum assures strength and durability and keep the weight down to only 1,45kg.

Not only does the Zenbook UV32VD look good, it sounds good too. The Bang & Olufsen ICEpower® SonicMaster blasts out the kind of sound you’d usually associate with a standalone surround setup. Exactly what you would expect from a ultrabook that costs R12 799.

Asus Zenbook UX32VD

Ultra mobility!

Regardless of how long the Ultrabook™ remains in standby, it can resume in just 2 seconds thanks to exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II technology. In effect, this means you do not even have to shut the ZENBOOK down, eliminating the need for lengthy boot ups. And with exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II technology, the ASUS ZENBOOK can stay in standby for up to two weeks.

The Instant-on functionality automatically backs up data to the SSD should the battery level drop below 5%, removing the risk of data loss due to a drained battery.

Asus Zenbook UX32VD Ultrabook

The great colours of the 13.3-inch screen are courtesy of a GeForce GT 620M discrete graphics card that works in conjunction with Intel 4000 on-chip graphics.

Asus Zenbook UV32VD specifications:

CPU Intel® Core™ Ivy Bridge i5-3317U 1.7GHz Turbo boost to 2.6GHz
Operating System Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64 bit
Z-height 5,5mm at the front; 18mm at the rear
Main Memory DDR3 1600MHz 2GB (on board) + 2G or 4G Slot Dim
Storage 500GB SATA6G HDD + 24GB SSD
Screen 13.3” – 16:9 – 1366×768 WXGA
Graphics GeForce GT 620M: 1GB 128-bit DDR3, 96 CUDA cores, 625MHz, 28GB/s, 10 billion per second texture fill rate
Backlight/ Resolution 350 nits FHD (1920 x 1080) / HD with EWV (1366 x 768)
Instant on Always resume in 2 seconds
I/O port 7 (mini VGA port /USB 3.0 port / HDMI 1.4 (1080p support)/ audio jack combo/ SD card reader)
USB3.0 3 Port
SSD Generation SATAIII SSD 128GB/256GB
BT Bluetooth 4.0
Battery 48W (7+hrs)
USB charger+ Y
Mic Integrated digital microphone
Keyboard 268 illuminated chiclet keyboard
Camera HD CMOS module
Audio Bang & Olufsen ICEpower® SonicMaster
Warranty 2-year International local pick up and return warranty

Date: 02 Jul 2012