“Internet doomsday” virus and how to fix it

On Monday 9 July 2012 the “Internet doomsday” virus is expected to hit computers around the world. The virus, called DNSchanger, hijacks the Internet user’s browser by redirecting it to affected web sites with fake products and spam.

How do you know if your computer is affected? Go to the DNS Changer Working Group. When you land on that page it will immediately give you the green or red light. If you get a red warning, follow the steps they provide. 

In the meantime, update your anti-virus programme and have it scan your computer for viruses. If you do not have an anti-virus programme, go now to AVG to get the latest version. It is a very good programme and it is free.

If you are not familiar with working with anti-virus software, call Essential IT Solutions on 021 853 4790. We will assist you over the phone as much as possible but please note there is a time limit as to how much time we can spend with each user over the phone. Ideally, if you’re nearby, you should bring your computer in to the shop at 89 George Street, Strand.

Even if you got the green light at DNS Changer Working Group you should backup your data. Again, if you do not know how to do this, give us a call.

The doomsday virus was discovered by the FBI some time ago and the malware authors were arrested. But the virus is out there and you should take precautions.

Date: 06 Jul 2012