Spec Ops – The Line

After a hiatus of 10 years there is a brand new threat to take out in the Spec Ops series. The new game, The Line, follows Captain Martin Walker and two elite Delta Force members into a post-catastrophe Dubai to take out the worst to prove they are the best.

If you played the old Spec Ops you’ll know that the emphasis is on cover and squad-based tactics. You get into the boots of Captain Walker, pick your weapons and drop behind enemy lines. 

GamesRadar made Spec Ops – The Line, which costs R405, an Editor’s Choice. They like the engaging narrative, beautiful locations and fantastic set piece battles.

Spec Ops - The Line strategy

This is not your average point-and-shoot game. In fact, the action in The Line has received mixed reviews. But as GameInformer points out, “most shooters don’t make you think about the ramifications of your actions. Spec Ops: The Line does.” And as IGN confirms:  “It’s about you, the effects of your actions, and events that are out of your control.”

Spec Ops - The Line

Date: 12 Jul 2012