Audiophile Fantasia German Style

The high fidelity produced by the amplifiers that Joseph Vander crafted impressed German businessman Ludwig von Thonet so much that he insisted on investing in Vander’s workshop in Berlin. From the start, back in the 1940s, they decided to adhere to the guidelines from the Bauhaus School of design: Functionality, little ornamentation, attractive design, good quality and durability.

The quality of Thonet & Vander speakers is legendary. The whole speaker product line is an integration of art and technology. These are multimedia and home entertainment electronic devices capable of generating deep emotions. 

That’s a mouthful of praise we lavish on Thonet & Vander. And we will be discussing each speaker system in their product line in following posts, with pricing information and technical details. But that may not do it justice. Rather, come to Essential IT Solutions at 89 George Street, Strand and we’ll gladly give you a demonstration.

Thonet & Vander speakers

Thonet & Vander

Date: 24 Aug 2012