Divoom Bluetune-2 Bluetooth Speakers

With 20 Watts total RMS power the Divoom Bluetune-2 Bluetooth speaker system packs above its weight. Yet it is a completely wireless speaker to which you can stream music from your laptop, phone or just about any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Available in a range of attractive colours, the Bluetune-2 has a wireless range of up to 10 metres. Connect your device and place the system anywhere within range to enjoy good bass and world-class tuning and audiophile-like quality through the two 2.8-inch speakers. 

Divoom Bluetune-2

Pairing the Bluetune-2 is easy: press and hold the Connect button for 3 seconds until the LED indicator flashes rapidly. When connected, the LED flashes blue. It flashes white when the system is on standby.

Divoom Bluetune-2

Divoom Bluetune-2 specifications:

* Total RMS Power: 20 Watts
* Bluetooth Technology: Version 2.1+EDR A2DP
* Operating Range: Up to 10 meters
* Signal to noise Ratio: >80dB
* Frequency Response: 30Hz~20KHz
* Driver Size: 2×2.8inch
* Power: DC
* Speaker dimension: (LxDxH) 300 x 150 x 140mm

Price: R615

Date: 11 Aug 2012