Foxconn Dual-Core i3 Upgrade Bundle

Join the Intel Core gang with the highly rated Core i3 CPU. With the Foxconn/i3 upgrade bundle you get the Foxconn H61MXL Socket 1155 motherboard, an Intel Core i3 2120 Sandy Bridge processor and 2GB DDR3 Kingmax RAM for only R1 949.

The Intel Core i3 dual-core 2120 processor has 3MB L3 cache and a clock speed of 3.3GHz which delivers an inspiring 5GT/s DMI speed. Hook this CPU on to the Intel H61 bridge on the Foxconn H61MXL motherboard, slap on 2GB of RAM, fit it into your existing computer case and you have a bargain upgrade. 

We featured the Foxconn motherboard recently and mentioned the integrated 5.1 Channel HD sound, support for 4 x SATA II drives and 10 x USB 2.0 connections. To our minds, the Foxconn H61MXL is one of the most affordable feature-rich LGA 1155 motherboards available today.

The G620 option

You have another upgrade option should you find that you do not need the processing power of the Core i3. Then you can have this upgrade bundle – with the same Foxconn motherboard and RAM – with the Intel G620 instead. The G620 is also a dual core socket 1155 CPU but runs at 2.6GHz. This upgrade option costs only R1 299.

Foxconn H61MXL boxed

Which of these two upgrade bundles you should choose really depends on your base computer needs. The G620 processor will meet all or most of your office requirements while the Core i3 is the smarter option for playing the latest games and doing more complicated video and graphics editing.

Date: 07 Aug 2012