AMD FX-8120 Octa Core Gaming PC

You start shivering. Blood is rushing to your brain. Hyperventilation steps in. You go dry in the mouth. You’re thirsty. You want water, beer and double-thick milkshake all at the same time. Your eyes are watering. Your girlfriend thinks you secretly might have taken strange substances. She speaks to you but you can’t hear a thing. You are fixated. You’re hooked. You want!

That is normal behaviour when serious gamers first lay eyes on the AMD FX-8120 Octa Core – yes, 8 cores! – gaming PC. The first things that stimulates the mind are the L2 1MB cache PER CORE, the L3 8MB cache and the awesome 5200MHz bus speed. Throw in 16GB 1600MHz of Corsair Vengeance RAM and the MSI AMD HD7950 Twin Frozr graphics card… 

We’ll stop there before you wet your pants! Just come get the thing! It’s available through Essential IT Solutions, 89 George Street, Strand. But call us before the time so that we can prepare you some Natura Rescue drops: 021 853 4790.

AMD FX-8120 Octa Core Gaming PC

Please note that this awesome PC is available by order only. For more information, you can also skype us on essentialstrand

Date: 21 Sep 2012