After the rAge!

The rAge expo that took place in Johannesburg from 5 to 7 October 2012 was, according to the organizers, a huge success. Those who attended agreed, as did the media.

The latest games, including board and card games, were displayed at the rAge. Pokémon held their National Championship in the Senior, Masters and Junior divisions, gaming company Extreme Wargaming boasted with games such as Magic the Gathering, Warhammer and Yu-Gi-Oh Dust and Outer Limits showcased their latest comics, graphic novels and role-playing games. 

DishonoredIf you attended the rAge expo or followed it online, you most likely share our excitement in the new offerings, especially those from EA (Medal of Honor Warfighter, Need for Speed, SimCity, etc.), BT Games (Dishonored) and SkyCastleGames (Heroclix Avengers). Great! But now for the question: what happens after the rAge?! Good time to update your gaming computer!

What are the options? As we explained in How to make your computer faster, you have many options, most of which won’t cost a lot. For instance, consider adding RAM or upgrading to fast, high quality RAM modules such as Geil Gaming RAM or Corsair XMS3. Think about a faster graphics card (such as the MSI N580GT TI Twin Frozr II) and upgrading to the latest processor. Or…

Get a built-to-play gaming PC such as the AMD A6-3500 for your latest games. We have a special on them at the moment. The price used to be R4 799 but for a limited time it is available at only R3 999.

AMD A6-3500 Gaming PC

If you choose the AMD A6-3500, then you should consider the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium (R1 236,49) as your operating system.

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Date: 11 Oct 2012