Why you should use Dropbox

Dropbox is an online data storage service that makes life so much easier. Here is how it works –

You store your photos, videos or documents in Dropbox and can access them any time anywhere you have Internet connection. That means you can also access your stuff with your smartphone.

You can also share your stuff with others. To allow your friends and family to view the media or data, you create a folder and send them the link via email or sms. They will then be able to view the photos and videos (or data) in only that specific folder. In fact, you can specify a single photo, video or document to be shared and none of your other stuff will be viewable to anyone but you. 

DropboxIn short, Dropbox is your backup and sharing service. Your photos, videos or data will always be available on Dropbox. That gives you peace of mind just in case the hard drive on your computer or laptop packs up or the memory card on your phone gets corrupted. Or if you accidentally deleted something! Because Dropbox automatically synchronises with your computer and phone.

Dropbox works hard to make sure that all your files are the same no matter where you’re working from. This means that you can start working on a computer at school or the office, and finish from your home computer.

Your friend or family member – or anyone you want to share your Dropbox stuff with – has to be a member of Dropbox to access the file or folder. But registering is super easy AND for every referral you sent to Dropbox you get an extra 500MB storage space.

Date: 20 Oct 2012