Zalman Keyboard and Mouse Products

The South Korean company known for its ultra quiet PC solutions, Zalman, has a range of keyboard and mouse products that are very attractive and well made yet are available at equally attractive prices.

The Zalman ZM-K200M keyboard, for instance, features laser carved key caps with a 10 million times key life. Yet the keyboard costs only R99.

The ZM-K300M keyboard has no less than 20 multi-media hot keys. It’s the ideal keyboard for the home theatre fanatic who gets most of the media online. The ZM-K300M sells for R160. 

Zalman ZM-K200M keyboard

Zalman ZM-K300M keyboard

Zalman mouse share the built quality and keen pricing of the keyboards. Sturdy, yet lightweight. The Zalman M500WL wireless optical mouse features a quick switch DPI setting which is handy for graphics designers and gamers.

Zalman M500WL mouse

The Zalman ZM-GM1 laser gaming mouse is mounted on ultra swift Teflon feet, giving it that millisecond edge that the top games require to deliver that winning blow.

Zalman ZM-GM1 Laser Gaming Mouse

Date: 22 Oct 2012