AMD FX Bulldozer Series CPU

If the price-for-performance of the MSI 970A-G46 motherboard impressed you too, you’re probably looking for an affordable high speed AMD APU as well. We have a choice of two: the AMD quad-core FX4100 at R1,358.99 and the AMD six-core FX6100 at R1,920.00.

The Socket AM3+ Bulldozer series of Accelerated Processing Units Bulldozer is the first major redesign of AMD’s processor architecture since 2003. Built on the 32 nanometre SOI, the Bulldozer features two 128-bit Fused Multi-Add-capable Floating Point Units which can be combined into one 256-bit FPU. This is accompanied by two integer clusters, each with 4 pipelines – the fetch/decode stage is shared. 

AMD FX 6100 BulldozerWhen you look at the box there is one thing that will stand out: “Unlocked!”

The quad-core AMD FX 4100 has a clock speed of 3.6GHz but with a special turbo core feature it will automatically overclock an additional 900Mhz.

The six-core AMD FX6100 has a clock speed of 3.3GHz and a Turbo Clock Speed of 3.90GHz.

Overclocking is easy with the AMD FX Bulldozer series. You can do it within Windows (7 or 8) with the AMD OverDrive software or, with OC Genie II included with the MSI 970A-G46 you can overclock to the maximum with one click which puts the processor in max mode within only 1 second. You can also set it up for automatic overclocking.

AMD FX Bulldozer tech specs:

AMD64 Technology Yes
Simultaneous 32- & 64-bit computing Yes
L1 Cache (Instruction + Data) per core 128KB (64KB + 64KB)
L2 Cache (1MB per core) 8MB or 6MB or 4MB
L3 Cache 8MB (shared L3)
HyperTransport™ Technology HyperTransport™ Technology up to 4000MT/s full duplex, or up to 16.0GB/s I/O Bandwidth
Integrated DDR3 Memory Controller Yes
Memory Controller Width 128-bit
Type of Memory Supported Up to DDR3 18661
Memory Bandwidth Up to 21 GB/s dual channel memory bandwidth
Total Processor-to-system Bandwidth (HyperTransport plus memory bandwidth) Up to 37 GB/s
Process Technology 32 nanometer, SOI (silicon-on-insulator) Technology
Packaging AM3+
Thermal Design Power 125W, & 95W

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Date: 16 Nov 2012