CM Storm Recon Gaming Mouse

The CM Storm Recon gaming mouse is fast, durable, functional and accurate. It is made for gamers.

The Recon is equipped with a pair of Omron Micro switches and Avago 3090 high precision optical sensor, allowing you to switch between a choice of 800, 1600, 3200, and 4000 dpi on-the-fly as well as integrating 5 profiles and 36 macros to personalize the mouse to suit your own gaming style.

The entire mouse body of the Recon is coated in a thin smooth layer of rubber to improve the grip and prevent your fingers from sliding and slipping. 

Recon features 3 individual multi-colour LED zones: the Mousewheel, DPI Buttons and CM Storm Logo. You can completely disable the LEDs or fine tune the brightness and colour of each zone.

The price of the CM Storm Recon gaming mouse is R599.

CM Storm Recon Gaming Mouse

CM Storm Recon gaming mouse specifications:

  • Avago 3090 optical sensor with 800-4000 dpi
  • On-The-Fly Lift-Off-Distance adjustments
  • On-The-Fly DPI adjustments
  • On-The Fly USB polling rate adjustments
  • Up to 1.5m/s or 60”/s tracking speed and 20G of acceleration
  • Highest grade Japanese Omron micro switches
  • Extra wide 16-bit USB data path
  • 1000 Hz polling rate / 1ms response time
  • Super Grip coated ambidextrous mousebody
  • Ultra swift mouse feet
  • Flexible 1.8 meter or 78.6 inch long cable
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 64.4 x 116.4 x 42 mm/ 2.53 x 4.58 x 1.65 inches
  • Multicolor Mousewheel light to identify Profiles

Date: 17 Nov 2012