Mecer A2756 27-inch full HD LED Monitor

When David Kan established Mustek in 1987 to exclusively assemble and distribute propriety Mecer computer products, few would have thought this proudly South-African company would grow to become a leading brand. Since, Mustek has branched out to Taiwan while continuing to deliver top quality desktops, notebooks, tablets and monitors locally.

Take a look at the Mecer A2756 27″ wide LED monitor, for instance. Its TFT LED screen displays excellent visual quality over a 16 x 9 ratio. And, being full HD with 1920 x 1080 resolution, the DVI (Digital Visual Interface) connection ensures digital video display at a minimum clock frequency of 25.175 MHz. 

Selling at R2 999, the large Mecer A2756 also features built-in speakers and has a 2-year carry-in warranty. If you like your computer videos or games in your face where you can control all the action, this is the monitor that should be on your bucket list.

Mecer A2756 27-inch wide LED monitor

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Date: 02 Nov 2012