Seagate Backup Plus External Hard Drive

“Windows 8 is the most exciting OS update in years. But before you upgrade, it is critical to make sure that you back up your data first and have an immediate protection plan in place. The newly updated Seagate Backup Plus makes both simple.”

Heeding the advice given by Seagate, you should consider their 1TB Backup Plus 3.5″ external HDD. It offers a one-click backup solution to save all your data AND save photos automatically from your social networks from one, intuitive dashboard. 

Seagate Backup Plus external HDDWorking in either Mac or PC, you can choose scheduled or continuous backups right from the dashboard – and then forget them. The backup happens automatically.

But even before you start updating the important stuff on your social network pages, do a quick and easy backup of your computer of laptop. This is how it works –

The Pre-Upgrade Backup

When installing an OS, always perform a complete system backup first.

1. Open the Backup Plus dashboard software and go to the Protect menu
2. Click “Protect Now”

That is it. Backup Plus will begin backing up all your files immediately.

The Seagate Backup Pllus is optimised for Windows 8. When you have upgraded to Windows 8 successfully, Backup Plus is ready to go to work with no updates needed. It will help you protect your photos, movies, documents and more with automatic scheduled or continuous backups.

You can also share photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, directly from your Backup Plus drive.

The Seagate Backup Plus hard drives are available in three sizes:
1TB = R1 310,00
2TB = R1 404.99
3TB = R1 849,99

They are available instore or on the Essential IT Solutions online shop.

Date: 05 Nov 2012