Which webcam to use?

WebcamsWhich webcam you should use obviously depends on what you will use it for. For instance, if you need a webcam simply for chatting over Skype, a 1.3 mega pixel webcam will do just fine. As it happens, the Canyon CNR-FWC113 costs only R96.

If you require a webcam that delivers full-HD (High Definition) quality and a high frame rate for business-to-business or suchlike professional video communication, then you should consider the Logitech C920 HD PRO webcam.

With a Carl Zeis lens, the C920 gives crystal clear 1080p HD performance and has dual microphones for stereo sound.

Have a look at the range of webcams available on the Essential IT Solutions online shop. There is bound to be a webcam that fits your requirements and your pocket.

Date: 10 Nov 2012