Zalman ZM-K400G Gaming Keyboard

The key caps on the Zalman ZM-K400G gaming keyboard are laser carved to enhance usability and longevity. In fact, they have a 10 million times key life. The USB cable is zinc-plated for ultra durability. The keyboard body is made with strong ABS plastic. In short, the ZM-K400G is strong enough to face any gaming onslaught.

Just being ultra durable is not all that is required for a keyboard to qualify as a gaming keyboard. A range a quick access shortcut keys and special profile setups are needed. The Zalman ZM-K400G provides 7 multimedia programmable keys and 5 gaming programmable keys. 

ZM-K400G gaming keys

Another really nice feature in the Zalman ZM-k400G gaming keyboard is that you can set the keyboard backlight to either red or blue – or turn it off altogether. In addition, the backlights are adjustable for brightness.

ZM-K400G backlight colours

As a serious gamer you’ll know the importance of setting up different keyboard profiles for different game scenarios. Here again, the ZM-K400G offers a very good solution. To the left of the programmable gaming keys you’ll find the “M” key to quickly recall three preset profiles consequentially.

ZM-K400G profile key

Zalman ZM-K400G Gaming Keyboard specifications:

Type Gaming
Interface USB
Key Number 118ea
Carving Laser
Dimensions 463 x 191 x 30mm
Cable Length 1.5M
Weight 700g
Material ABS
Key Life 10 Million Times
LED Color Red / Blue

Zalman ZM-K400G gaming keyboard

So, here you have a gaming keyboard that is extremely durable and highly feature rich. A real good package for R399.

Date: 28 Nov 2012