AMD Trinity A10-series 5800K Black Edition

Packing the most graphics power of any processor on the market today, the AMD Trinity A10-series 5800K Black Edition APU combines its four Piledriver cores with the 384-shader Radeon HD7660D GPU for ultimate overclocking. In fact, only a week after it was launched, a German games company overclocked it to a mighty impressive 7.3117 GHz.

The Germans used high-tech liquid nitrogen cooling on the new MSI FM2-A85XA-G65 motherboard and while such advanced cooling technology may not be available to just anyone at least both the AMD Trinity A10 5800K Black Edition AND the FM2-A85XA-G65 are available at Essential IT Solutions today. 

Here’s what you get with the AMD Trinity A10 5800K Black Edition: quad-core 3.8GHz clock speed – with max Turbo frequency at 4.2 GHz – and a graphics base frequency of 800MHz. Keep in mind that this is the Black Edition, meaning it is UNLOCKED! And the Trinity A10 5800K also supports DDR3 1866MHz memory right out of the box.

While the Intel i7 is faster in base setup the graphics performance of the Trinity A10 5800K outshines it in every gaming aspect, scoring top spot in TechSpots’ IGP performance comparison on games such as Starcraft II, Resident Evil 5, FarCry 2 and others.

Price Point

When it comes to bang for the bucks the Trinity A10 is hard to beat. Half the price of the i7 and cheaper than the i5, on price points the Trinity A10 competes with the i3. But when it comes to comparing its performance with the i3 the Trinity A10, which sells for R1 810, has the clear advantage (as per the below video).

Socket F2

While rushing off to get your Trinity A10 please keep in mind that it made for the new F2 socket – you’ll have to get a new motherboard. Fortunately, we stock a number of new Socket F2 motherboards including, as mentioned, the awesome MSI FM2-A85XA-G65.

AMD Trinity A10 5800K APU

AMD Trinity A10 5800K specifications:

CPU AMD A10 X4 5800K Black Edition
Clock Rate 3.8 GHz
Turbo Clock Rate 4.2 GHz
Core Quantity 4
Socket FM2
L2 Cache 4 MB
Production Technology 0.032 micron
Instruction Set 64 bit
Memory Channels Supports 2
Graphics Adapter AMD Radeon HD 7660D
Graphics Base Frequency 800 MHz
Features Streaming SIMD Extensions,
Streaming SIMD Extensions 2,
Streaming SIMD Extensions 3,
Streaming SIMD Extensions 4,
Streaming SIMD Extensions 4A,
AES instructions,
Advanced Bit Manipulation,
AMD64 Technology,
AMD Virtualization Technology,
Enhanced Virus Protection,
Turbo Core Technology,
PowerNow! Technology,
MMX Instructions Set

Date: 12 Dec 2012