Christmas MicroSD Picture Time!

December is holiday time! Western Cape schools close today, Friday the 7th. The 17th is a public holiday. And, of course, there’s Christmas Day and Boxing Day (Goodwill Day). In the meantime you may have a few days leave or, if you’re lucky, your annual leave. And that means PARTY and PICTURES!

Let’s do the checklist. Bucks – check! Petrol – check! Swimwear – check! Beer – check! Camera – check! MicroSD memory for camera… Ah, there’s something you shouldn’t forget. Stock up now on enough camera/phone memory so that your Facebook albums will be the season’s showpiece. 

We have MicroSD cards from sizes 2GB to 32GB in the Flash Memory category of our online shop available from as little as R35.

Easy way to transfer photos and videos to your computer

T-flash MicroSD-to-USB adapterThe easiest way to transfer all your photos and videos from your camera or phone to your computer is to use a MicroSD-to-USB adapter.

Here’s how: Simply stick the little MicroSD into the adapter, connect it to the USB port of your computer and the plug-and-play mode will automatically open the MicroSD memory card and allow you to download all your stuff to your computer or transfer it directly onto your Facebook album or personal blog.

All you need is something like the T-Flash adapter which costs only R20. Seriously, it costs only 20 Rands. Click on the pic to get it now.

Date: 07 Dec 2012