Divoom XForce 1 MultiMedia Speakers

Delivering 60 Watts RMS, the 2.1 channel Divoom XForce 1 multimedia speakers cranks up music to a more than acceptable volume without distortion. With a signal to noise ratio of more than 95db and a system THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) better than 0.05% before clipping you get true HiFi quality right from your desktop.

The total peak power of the 30W RMS 5.25-inch high excursion subwoofer, two 3-inch 10W satellites plus 1-inch tweeters each is 120 Watts, at which level the THD is only 10% during the full frequency response between 20Hz and 20,000 Hz. 

You can connect an MP3 player and earphones into the wired remote control from which you can also set the volume. This really is a neat, well-thought-out stereo speaker set.

Divoom XForce-1 speakers

Divoom XForce 1 specifications:

Total RMS power: 60 Watts
Subwoofer: 20 Watt RMS into 4ohms at 100Hz at 10% THD
Satellites: 20 Watts RMS (2X10w) into 4 ohms at 1KHz at 10% THD
Total Peak Power: 120 Watts at <10% THD
System THD: Better than 0.05% THD before clipping
Signal to noise ratio: >95db
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
Subwoofer: 5.25-inch high excursion subwoofer
Satellites: 3-inch drivers + 1-inch tweeters
Satellites: 100W x 105D x 180H mm
Subwoofer: 230W x 255D x 210 mm
Price: R430

Date: 05 Dec 2012