Driving home for Christmas

Medical care is so expensive that should you survive a car crash you’ll need more than a calculator – you’ll need a whole computer to calculate the damages. Now, as you know, Essential IT Solutions offers a whole range of computers and laptops at really good prices to help you with those big numbers but we’d rather that you drive safely home for Christmas.

10 essential Christmas driving tips:

1. Safe car – before you leave, check your tyre pressure, water, oil, brakes, windscreen wipers and the condition of the spare tyre. Refer to your car manual for safety checks. 

2. Plan ahead – even if you have driven the route a hundred times, consider where it is safe to stop for fuel, food and a rest. Ideally, you should stop a few minutes every hour to refresh your body and brain.

3. Wear your seat belt – a seat belt can save your life.

4. Keep your distance – keep at least two cars lengths between you and the car in front of you.

5. Don’t use the cellphone – the fine for using a cellphone while driving is R5 000 or death, whichever comes first.

6. Know your blind spots – be aware about traffic that might be in the blind spot.

7. Speed kills! Better late than never.

8. One car statistic – statistics show that one-car collisions kill more people than accidents that involve other vehicles. Stop in a safe place when you get tired; concentrate all the time; if you have passengers, don’t be distracted by arguments or things that irritate you.

9. Don’t drink and drive! Arrive alive – you’ll look better that way.

10. Dont’ be a jerk! Kill your road rage before it kills you. Have a healthy attitude and you’ll have a happy holiday.

Motorcycles are allowed to pass on a solid line. When you see a motorcycle in your rear view mirrors, give it a bit of space to pass. You’ll probably get a friendly wave from the rider.

We at Essential IT Solutions wish you safe driving.


Date: 21 Dec 2012