Internal Solid State Drives

An internal SSD (Solid State Drive) has the same I/O interface technology as a normal hard disk drive. So, if you’ve been thinking about trying out the new SSD technology it should give you peace of mind that no extra hardware or software is needed to run these light, fast drives. You connect a SSD the same way as you connect a normal HDD.

As you may know, Solid State Drives boot faster and load programmes faster. Typically, the read/write seek time on a SSD is 0.1 ms (milliseconds) while that on a HDD is anything from 2.9 ms to 12 ms. 

The following video clearly shows the difference between an SSD and HDD load times and programme access times:

You’ll find a number of SSD options available on the Essential IT Solutions online shop. They range from 32GB to 120GB in size – and larger sizes available on request. Yes, they are more expensive than HDDs but if speed is your priority then you should consider at least making your main drive a Solid State Drive.

Here’s a graphic of SSD vs HDD performance times as measured with the famous OCZ brand:

SSD vs HDD speed

For more on Solid State Drives, see StorageReview’s easy-to-understand SSD vs HDD article. To get your SSD now, go to the online SSD category.

Date: 20 Dec 2012