LCD TV, LED TV or Plasma TV

LCD TV, LED TV or Plasma TV? Or even LED 3D TV! Yes, we have those too in the TV category of our online shop. We also have single and double-arm TV wall mount brackets, articulated mount brackets and ceiling poles.

As to which type of television set you prefer, the choice is up to you, albeit HD flat screen or Full HD flat screen with clear screen image panel. We stock them from sizes 32″ LCD to 55″ Plasma with display resolution ranging from 1366 x 768 to 1920 x 1080. 

Whichever flat screen TV you want to buy please keep in mind that the broadcasting law requires that you have a TV license to purchase one of these beauties.

To view the TVs on offer now, see TVs online.

Proline LED TV 55-inch

Pictured here is the Proline 55-inch LED TV that is Full HD capable and features 4 x HDMI inputs.

Date: 06 Dec 2012