DVD-R, Blue-ray and Blank CD Discs

Since DVD writeable discs came on the market more than 10 year ago they seem to have remained the favourite recording method for many people. We are constantly surprised at the volume of DVD-R discs flying out of our store. Therefore, we make sure we are constantly stocked with an ample amount DVDs in various formats.

Let’s face it, even though the prices of flash drives have come down significantly over the past few years, the cost-efficiently of DVDs are hard to beat. For instance, a 50-pack spindle of the Ridata 16X 4.7GB DVD-R still costs only R143,14.  

Ridata DVD-R 16x 50pk spindleWe stock a range of DVD-R spindles in, as mentioned, various formats and in various brands: Ridata, Everlotus and Melody. A 5-pack Ridata 8x 4.7GB DVD-RW, which is re-writeable multiple times, costs only R14,61. The Everlotus 100-pack printable DVD-Rs is only R225.

We also stock BDs (Blu-ray discs). The 6-pack Melody 25GB BD-R Blu Ray DVD-R costs R45.

Yes, we still sell blank CDs. A 10-pack CD spindles costs only R20. And don’t forget the jewel CD cases – they cost only R2 each, available in either black or clear tray. The prices of the DVD covers, in fact, start as low as R1,50 (one Rand 50 cents)!

Date: 09 Jan 2013