Emtec Cartoon Flash Drives

Your favourite Loony Tunes and Angry Bird characters are now available as flash drives!

Courtesy of technology giant Emtec, Asterix, Bugs Bunny, Pucca, Sylvester, Speedy Gonzalez, Tweety and all the other loveable characters from the Angry Birds, Asterix, Loony Tunes and Pucca & Garu come in the form of soft touch rubber, 8GB flash drives with small straps so that you can hook them on to your keyring or handbag. 

Emtec Loony Tunes Flash Drives

These mini size 8GB USB fun flash drives are no higher than 46mm but pack proper performance – their read speed is up to 15MB/s and their write speed is up to 5MB/s.

Emtec Angry Birds Flash Drives

They are available on pre-order at R175 each. Pick your favourite and give Essential IT Solutions a call on 021 8534790 to get your own cartoon flash drive.

Date: 23 Jan 2013