Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Bundle for R560

This is a bargain! The Genius KB-G265 gaming keyboard PLUS the Genius X-G510 gaming mouse for only R560.

The KB-G265 keyboard really looks the gaming part with its blue LED backlight which, by the way, can be switched on or off. The X-G510 mouse also has a blue break light which activates on pause, lighting up in an impressive crackled finish. This is a bundle with a proper gaming attitude. 

Genius KB-G265 gaming keyboard:

Genius KB-G265 gaming keyboard

Genius KG-G265 specs

Genius X-G510 gaming mouse:

Genius X-G510 gaming mouse

Genius describes the X-G510 gaming mouse:

X-G510 is the new Genius gaming mouse. The full-size design with its rubber coated grip fits great in either hand, and it offers the highest level of comfort for gamers who like to play for hours on end.

It has a six button design and can be customized to conquer any gaming challenge so you’re always playing at a level above the competition. The DPI button instantly shifts multiple sensitivity levels between 500 – 2000 dpi. Plus, you can toggle rapidly between buttons using the profile switch and always know immediately which setting you’re using. On board memory prevents game block for three different profiles, and you can customize up to 21 macro keys.

The braided USB cable provides a stable and smooth signal connection when engaged in combat. X-G510 is the perfect synthesis of precision, speed and comfort!

The keyboard and the mouse can be purchased separately at R299 each. But when you buy the bundle, it costs only R560.

Date: 15 Mar 2013