QNAP Ultra-High Performance Intel Atom-based Turbo NAS and NVR Series

The title is a mouthful but let us explain it because it might be the exact computer solution that you are looking for.

Firstly, QNAP stands for “Quality Network Appliance Provider.” NAS is “Network Attached Storage” and NVR is “Network Video Recorder.” The type of network that the system creates is what will most likely catch your attention: your own cloud computing for home-business or small business use. 

This is what you can do with a QNAP NAS Series computer:

  1. set up a mail server and access your files from anywhere using QNAP’s iPhone, Android or PC apps;
  2. set up file sharing with many options, including limiting users and/or privileges on specified files;
  3. set up web server, printer server, and other applications available with App Center apps;
  4. use it for virtualization applications;
  5. set up surveillance environments in your business;
  6. optimize your storage and backup solutions;
  7. use it as a rich multimedia centre.

QNAP systems
QNAP Enterprise

The systems are designed and built by QNAP Systems who launched the first NAS with SATA interface in the world in 2006. QNAP Turbo NAS systems allow you to leverage all the benefits of virtualization technology, deploy the virtualization environment with flexibility, and improve work continuity. And create rich multimedia entertainment networks!

You’ll notice on the images that the QNAP NAS systems are available in rack mount size and small PC size, as in pictured below.

QNAP at home

Please note that hard drives are not included in the prices displayed in the above images. The size and speed of hard drive utilized will depend on the requirements. You can browse hard drives here. However, these systems do include the QTS 4.0 operating system that allows you to control your network from within an easy interface. You can view a demo here.

We’ll gladly install such a system in your home or at your business. Do not hesitate to call us, Essential IT Solutions, on 021 853 4790 for more information about the QNAP NAS Series systems.

Date: 30 May 2013