New Socket 1150 CPUs and Motherboards

The Intel Socket 1150 (LGA 1150) CPUs and motherboards are here! Also called Socket H3, this new socket follows Intel’s processor roadmap to improve transistor design for faster, more efficient chipset performance.

As successor to the LGA 1155 (Socket H2), LGA 1150 supports the Intel Haswell microprocessor (and will also support the Haswell successor, the Broadwell). This is Intel’s 8th series of chipsets; you’ll recognize the Haswell chipset by the designation Z87 on motherboards. 

The Z87 (and Z85) is aimed at overclockers. Intel will also release the H87, Q87 and Q85 chipsets for the business market. A B85 will be a budget offering. They are developed for both the Haswell and the future Broadwell microarchitecture.

Note that the Haswell uses the 22nm semiconductor fabrication process while the Broadwell will use the 14nm CMOS process step. For the record, the Sandy Bridge uses the 32nm process and the Ivy Bridge the 22nm process.

Intel’s roadmap is known as the “Tick-Tock” model. As per Wikipedia, “Every ‘tick’ is a shrinking of process technology of the previous microarchitecture and every ‘tock’ is a new microarchitecture. Every year, there is expected to be one tick or tock.” The Tick-Tock map explains it well:

Intel processor roadmap

LGA 1150 CPUs and Motherboards

Intel launched 14 new 4th generation Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs for the new LGA 1150, with the Core i7-4770K being the flagship . We offer a number of these Core i5 and Core i7 Haswell CPUs here.

The “Haswell” won’t be engraved on the CPUs but you’ll recognize the new processors by the first number after the “i5” or “i7” – it will be a 4, such as “Core i5 4570” or “Core i7 4770”.

The new LGA 1150 motherboards are feature-rich and fast. Keep an eye on this blog for more info.

Here’s a pic of the new Gigabyte Z87-D3HP SKT1150 we already have in stock.

Gigabyte Z87-D3HP SKT1150 ATX Motherboard

Date: 07 Jun 2013