Universal Case with Zip Closure and Stand for Tablet PCs

Tablet PC maker Prestigio has a very clever universal case with zip closure and stand for any tablet PC, including the iPad and Galaxy Tab. Made of textured leather, it has five slots, three of which are slit pockets for cards and notes. It even has a pen holder.

The pictures below show how the case opens up, the storing places and how you can use the case as a stand as well. It’s ideal for business use or when protecting your tablet PC when you go on holiday. 

They come in three different sizes:

i. R284 for the case suitable for 7″ tablets

ii. R355 for the case for 8″ tablets

iii. R427 for 9.7″ and 10.1″ tablets

Prestigio Tablet PC case pockets

Prestigio case open with Tablet PCPrestigio Tablet PC casePrestigio Tablet PC case with integrated standPrestigio universal case for Tablet PCs

Prestigio case for Tablet PCs:

• Streamlined textured-leather case for Tablet PCs
• Five slots, three slit pockets for cards and notes
• Inner elastic strap and internal holder tab
• Internal pen holder
• Zip closure
• This case comes with a stand
• Function as a protective travel case,
• Opens like a book
• Easy access to Multi-Touch display, all ports and controls
• Black leather

Date: 12 Jul 2013