Essential IT Solutions e-Waste Recycling Centre

Essential IT Solutions is proud to announce that we now also are an e-Waste recycling centre. We accept old electronic parts and devices, old computers, screens, cartridges, etc.

To quote Annie Leonard from The Story of Stuff, “Many of our gadgets are made of a thousand different materials, shipped from around the world to assembly plants. There, workers turn them into products, using loads of toxic chemicals.” 

Bring your eWaste to Essential IT SolutionsNot only is Earth the only planet with chocolate… it is the only planet we can live on. Let’s keep it clean!

You don’t have to let your old electronic waste lay around. Do your bit for the environment… for the future of your children. Bring your old computers, laptops and any other unwanted electronic items to Essential IT Solutions at 89 George Street, Strand or Shop G93A, Parow Centre. We follow the e-Waste Recyling guidelines to dispose safely of these old, unwanted electronics.

Please note that we DO NOT accept paper, cardboard, etc. Please put these in your normal recycling bins.

For more information, do not hesitate to call us on 021 853 4790.

Date: 23 Aug 2013