iPad and Galaxy Tab Screen Replacement

Oh, the dreaded screen gone wrong on the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Or a crack smack in the middle of the screen!

Damaging the screen of a Tablet PC happens so quick if one is not super careful! Just a slight ding at certain angles against a hard surface can lead to a cracked tablet screen.

But before you shave all your hair in protest, down a bottle of whatever nasty stuff or kick the cat, give us a call because here at Essential IT Solutions we replace iPad and Galaxy Tab screens in a jiffy for less than you might think. 

Well, if we say “in a jiffy” we mean that the screen of a Galaxy Tab and some other tablet PCs can be replaced while you wait… if we have stock. So, it’s best to first call us on 021 853 4790 (Strand) or 021 930 2334 (Parow Centre). If we don’t have a replacement screen at the moment, we’ll have one early the very next day.

We replace broken iPad and Galaxy Tab screensYes, we replace broken iPad and other tablet PC screens 🙂

Replacing an iPad screen is slightly more complicated than that of most other tablets because the iPad screen houses its fragile antenna. It actually takes us a few hours to replace it – but usually can also be done same day if you hand your iPad in in the morning.

Prices start at R1 500 and varies, as you would imagine, on the model and screen size.

And please remember that we also replace laptop screens, with prices starting at R1 200 for a 15.6-inch screen.

Again, we’d like to remind you that it is best to first call us to check the availability of a screen for your particular tablet PC or laptop model: 021 853 4790 or 021 930 2334.

In the meantime, if the screen on your tablet PC is still fine, consider a screen protector or tablet case. You’ll find a choice of those in the Essential IT Solutions online Tablet PC Accessories category.

Date: 13 Sep 2013